Free HTTP/HTTPS Redirection Service

A free redirection/forwarding of one domain to another over both HTTP and HTTPS.

How Do I Use It?

If your domain is and you want it to redirect to, simply add the following two DNS records: A TXT "uri="

Is HTTPS Supported?

Yes, it is, thanks to Let’s Encrypt!

It may take hours or days. If it does not work yet, make sure to request it over HTTP first.

Will It Go To Any Page?

Yes, /path will redirect /path and /?utm_source=news4&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=spring-summer will redirect to /?utm_source=news4&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=spring-summer.

It will not redirect HTTP to HTTP and HTTPS to HTTPS, only what is configured in the DNS record will be used.

Do You Have A Demo?

This and this.


Additional Information

This project was created to gain some insight into using Ansible, GitHub pages, custom Nginx modules, C unit testing, DNS mocking, and other various tooling. A Nginx module redirector has been created to enable this project.